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GenerateBlocks Split Content Demo

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Love hearts sugar mice lemon drops, pear drops liquorice wine gums mint imperials rhubarb and custard coconut ice gobstoppers butterscotch parma violets. Bubblegum pear drops love hearts, bon bons mints jelly babies jelly beans chocolate caramels toffee boiled sweets pineapple chunks liquorice aniseed balls.

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Seaside rock lemon drops toffee eclairs gobstoppers cola bottles barley sugar turkish delight parma violets vanilla fudge peppermint creams toffee mints sugar mice. Liquorice treacle toffee bubblegum, seaside rock marshmallow parma violets barley sugar vanilla fudge mints peppermint creams fruit pastilles gobstoppers nougat jelly beans toffee eclairs.

There are a couple of tricks here.

The photos are actually background images, which are in Container Blocks within Grid blocks. These Container blocks have been given a minimum height. On desktops and tablets, the two Containers inside the Grid block are set to 50%. For mobile devices, both Containers in the Grid are set to 100%. Padding is added to the Container holding the text.

Since I’m using background images, the sides of the photos will be cropped on some screen sizes.

For the second Grid, I wanted the photo to appear before the text on mobile devices, so have input an order of -10 for the Container block with the background image.


Dolly mixture turkish delight mint imperials parma violets acid drops chocolate limes, barley sugar coconut ice flying saucers. Cola bottles boiled sweets aniseed balls bon bons sugar mice.

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Blue Tit Enjoying a Bath

Pear drops bon bons lemon drops dolly mixture barley sugar, wine gums sugar mice lollipops marshmallow coffee creams aniseed balls seaside rock. Sherbet rhubarb and custard turkish delight coffee creams, jelly beans love hearts chocolate caramels.

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Sparrow on the Gutter

Parma violets liquorice dolly mixture, sherbet gobstoppers turkish delight flying saucers peppermint creams bon bons coffee creams mint imperials love hearts.

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Vanilla fudge marshmallow chocolate caramels jelly beans. Boiled sweets dolly mixture vanilla fudge aniseed balls gobstoppers sugar mice acid drops lemon drops fizz balls. Pineapple chunks nougat peppermint creams chocolate limes fruit pastilles aniseed balls. Sugar mice barley sugar, orange and lemon slices lollipops chocolate limes sherbet gobstoppers treacle toffee vanilla fudge bon bons aniseed balls. Pineapple chunks jelly babies sherbet lemons boiled sweets, humbugs sherbet orange and lemon slices rhubarb and custard.

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Candy sweet lollipop soufflé donut pie sugar plum. Caramels marzipan apple pie caramels toffee sweet chocolate cake. Pastry brownie dragée lollipop tiramisu pie caramels apple pie. Cupcake pudding bear claw cheesecake tart.

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Not if I weaken first. Fate protects fools, little children and ships named Enterprise. We finished our first sensor sweep of the neutral zone. I’ve had twelve years to think about it.

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